BetterBatt is an Australian supplier of batteries and other power units for a wide range of daily used devices, from camcoders to laptop adapters.

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BetterBatt set a goal to become the number one supplier of batteries in Australia. As the company’s business relies on e-commerce, their Magento-powered website needed the most effective inventory and catalog system. In addition, the system needed to be tailored to the established search parameters to simplify the search of batteries and the overall user experience.

Intellectsoft and Aitoc, our partner in software solutions and extensions for Magento e-commerce platform, built a complex inventory system from the ground up: the standard Magento catalog was too linear for the established logic. In the process, Magento’s default one-step delivery algorithm was replaced by two-step delivery system to make the delivery quicker and more convenient for the company’s employees. Another system was created to detect and return batches of dysfunctional batteries back to the producing factory. Additionally, the high productivity of the website was ensured by transferring it to a e-commerce focused hosting and allocating the front and back end on distributed servers.

The scalable e-commerce solution with a unique catalog and spot-on custom updates allowed BatterBatt to become the #1 supplier of batteries in Australia.

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